StartHED for children

9V0A1977Developed specifically for children aged 4-10, the startHED offers an easy and playful introduction to the world of drum and bodhrán playing. A tool-less, three-point tuning system makes the drum easy to tune, and resilient to possible tuning mistakes or to being put out of tune by accident.
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AustrHEDian Summer

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A bodhrán as hot as a summer in the Outback! Agile kangaroo drumskin (from Australia, Kentville Drums), concave frame made from figured ash with Sunburst effect, isolatHED Universal Comfort tuning frame. **Limited edition bodhrán - high end drum, low end price**
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Dr. Rolf Wagels

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  • Von-Holthusen-Straße 6f
  • 30890 Barsinghausen
  • Deutschland


  • Tel.: +49 5035-1881170
  • Fax: +49 5035-1881172

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RWEchangeBoth RWE feature the classic design and the RWE - Lambeg skin! The compressor frame tuning system provides an unbelievable sound quality and it now combinded with IsolatHED tuning rim! The ChangeHed skin skin holding system offers spectacular options as drum heads and tuning rims can now be changed in the RWEchange.
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CD 'Bodhran Insight'

CD Bodhrán Insight"the best frame drum recording I have heard in many years!"
'Bodhrán Insight' comprises of 18 tracks on which the bodhrán is the main feature. The comprehensive booklet includes explanations as to what we are playing for each of these sets, sharing with the listener an insight into our methods and techniques. All info and sound samples can be found here.

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