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Accessories of all kind

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Of course, we also offer accessories that correspond to our values and ideas. From bags designed by us and produced in Europe, to learning materials and drumheads, to accessories developed by ourselves. Everything is bodhran-specific, adapted to the instrument.

You will also find CDs and vouchers in this section.

Bodhrans Auswahl
Designed by us, made in Europe

Cases and Bags

All our bags are designed by us and offer optimal protection and a lot of additional functionality for the bodhrán. The production in Spain guarantees good quality while maintaining short transport routes and European standards.

Useful additions

Accessories of all kind

Our entire range of accessories was developed, designed and brought to product maturity by us together with Christian Hedwitschak and Stevie Moises. This is the only way to create high-quality accessories that perfectly complement your bodhrán.

  • An additional crossbar? No problem with the SupportHED!
  • New sound effects? That's why we have the Snare CarpHED!
  • Play standing up? Perfect with the HEDstrap!
  • More options for practising? The MOpHED is the ideal companion!
  • The drum rolls away? The bodhrán stand helps!
  • The morning coffee doesn't taste of anything? The jubilee cup is the remedy! :-)

Cover book First steps
Practice at home

Learning material

In recent years, a number of textbooks and a DVD have been published that make it easier to learn the bodhrán through self-study.

Guido Plüschke has created a standard work with his DVD in German.

Andy Kruspe from the USA has published three books with additional audio and video material, which have also become standard works and cover all playing levels.


Drumheads and tuning frames

We exclusively sell all RWE-Lambeg skins for the ChangeHED system. Using Lambeg skins for bodhráns has a long tradition and the RWE, RWEchange and EMsig are the only drums made by Christian Hedwitschak that come with a Lambeg skin. Owner of other drums fitted with the ChangeHED skin holding system now get the possibility to acquire the RWE-Lambeg skins for their bodhrán! The Lambeg skins for the ChangeHED skin holding system ship taped, with nails, mounted on skin holding frame, including storage/transport plate.

We also offer the original tuning rim that is used in the RWEchange. The combination of the tuning rim and the RWE Lambegskin is the key to the RWEchange sound that is so well received.

cover_square-e6ee6f23 ::bodhran-info:: - Overview
Including a lot of sound samples

CDs by my projects

Over the years I have had the pleasure of contributing to more than 20 CDs with my bodhrán. Some of them can also be found here in the shop.

The project "Bodhran Insight" with my friend and colleague Guido Plüschke certainly deserves a special mention. Bodhrán Insights is exactly what we want to give the audience with this CD. We want to show the many different ways in which the bodhrán can be used. In addition, we have explained in the detailed booklet what we play in the individual pieces.

With my long-time band "Cara" I have of course also recorded various CDs. The last two productions, a studio and a live CD, are also represented here.

The offer is rounded off by the now more than 20-year-old production of Steampacket, which still sounds as fresh today as it did then, and by an example of my beloved cooperation with tin whistle player and guitarist Olaf Sickmann.

Perfect as a present!

Gift Vouchers

The gift certificates can be redeemed for all items in our shop.

After order and payment the voucher code is sent out to you via e-mail. After that, the code can be used in our shop at the checkout.