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  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack
  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack
  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack
  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack
  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack
  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack
  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack
  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack
  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack
  • HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack

HEDpack Bodhrán Rucksack

available, delivery time 2-4 days*

€ 90,00 (Netto: € 75,63)

Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
The backpack bag for the company anniversary!

For the 20th anniversary "20 years of craftHED HEDwork" we have come up with something very special in addition to the two drum models CL20 and reBELLion20:

A drum backpack in an unusual design as an anniversary edition: the HEDpack!

The HEDpack has two opening sides: the front side is used to hold the drum, the back side can be used to store all kinds of stuff without damaging the inside of the drum. A large front pocket is of course there too!

Due to the center core on the drum side, even smaller drums (from 30cm diameter) are nicely positioned in the bag and do not wobble when carried.

The equipment of the HEDpack is rounded off by a padded handle, clear view pocket on the back and a high-quality logo embroidery.

An all-in-one model that not only protects and transports the drum, but also offers maximum carrying and operating comfort: a true anniversary treat for drums of 30-40cm diameter!

HEDpack - the story:

Christian Hedwitschak about the development of the HEDpack:

"Actually, the HEDpack is called LAURAbag! 

In 2012 I met Laura Koning at the Bodhrán Summerschool CRAICEANN. She had a homemade bodhrán bag with her, which could be opened from both sides, thus optimally using the interior of the drum as storage space without damaging the inside of the drum. I found the idea so ingenious that I ordered a bag from her as a backpack version.  

She hadn't made a "LAURAbag" as a backpack before, so that's how it was developed for me. I was so thrilled with this backpack - which I still own - that I encouraged her to produce this bag for me to sell. Unfortunately, serial production turned out to be more difficult than anticipated and, more importantly, too time-consuming.

Fortunately Laura agreed to develop the LAURAbag together with me and a bag manufacturer to series production and to give me the license for distribution. And so - just 10 years later - I can FINALLY, and fittingly for the company anniversary, offer this great bodhrán backpack at a reasonable price and with fast availability!

A nice story with a happy end :)

But since HED products have to have a HED in their name, this backpack is now logically called HEDpack. ...but actually... ...yes REALLY the HEDpack is called:

LAURAbag!!! :)

Thanks Laura for the great and friendly cooperation!

  • Adjustable backpack straps
  • Two opening sides
  • Padded handle
  • Large outside pocket
  • Well-padded interior for extra protection
  • Lightweight (1220 g)
  • Black with ruby coloured highlights
  • Well-stitched, high-quality materials
  • For drums up to 30-40 x 16 cm
  • Made in Europe (Spain)

fabric details:

  • Polyester 65%
  • Polyurethan Flexible 30%
  • Polyamid 5%
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