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N-EF 2 "Hi-Hat"

N-EF 2 "Hi-Hat" N-EF 2 "Hi-Hat" N-EF 2 "Hi-Hat"

The sound of this "Makassar Ebony" split tipper with built-in beech center is less "clicky" than the click tipper and more defined / present than a "Hotrod" tipper. If you close your eyes you think you hear a Hi-Hat of a drumkit. This tipper produces a louder and warmer bass than a usual tipper but gives more attack than a "Hotrod" tipper. High "plopps" are easily played without loosing the "tsch" of the Hi-Hat sound. This tipper incorporates the qualities of many tippers in one very unique effect tipper.
The conical shape helps to hold the tipper firmly without much pressure.

For both "Kerry" and "single ended" playing styles.

  • length: ca. 26cm
  • weight: ca .22g
  • wood: makassar ebony
Price: 40.00 EUR (Netto: 34.48 EUR)
Incl. 16 % TAX plus shipping
available, delivery time 2-4 days*
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