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BodhranWeekend Online 2024

11.-13. Oktober 2024

Eamon Murray als Gastdozent!
Kurse für Einsteiger ohne Vorkenntnisse, Anfänger, fortgeschrittene Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Konzert mit Pauline Scanlon, Werkstattbesuch bei Tippermaker Stevie....

Über bodhrán-info

Gegründet 2005


Seit seiner Gründung im Jahre 2005 hat sich bodhrán-info immer weiter zu führenden Website für alles rund um die Bodhrán entwickelt. Die Mischung aus Informationen und  Shop für hochwertige Bodhráns und hochwertiges Zuberhör macht bodhrán-info eine einzigartige Ressource.

Bereits 1999 habe ich eine kleine Webseite aus dem 1&1 Homepage Baukasten gebastelt. Erstmal nur, um Informationen über die Bodhrán zu sammeln und über meine damaligen Workshoptermine zu informieren.Als neben den Workshops auch öfter mal eine Bodhrán verkauft werden sollte, habe ich einen kleinen Shop in die Seite integriert und 2005 bodhrán-info offiziell gegründet.

Der nächste große Schritt war eine komplett neue Onlinepräsenz 2012. Hier wurde der Shop deutlich erweitert und die CoreLine Bodhrán Serie mit in den Shop aufgenommen. Erfreulicherweise gab es immer mehr Nachfrage nach hochwertigen Bodhráns und Zubehör wie Tippern und ich habe den Shop in vielen Schritten erweitert.

Aber nicht nur der Shop, sondern auch Informationen wie eine Kaufberatung und Hintergrundwissen zur Bodhrán wurden ständig ausgebaut, so dass Menschen, die eine Bodhrán kaufen wollen, hier möglichst viele Hintergrundinformationen finden.

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Alles rund um die irische Rahmentrommel

Auf dieser Seite findet Ihr Bodhráns, Tipper und Zubehör. Außerdem Informationen über die Bodhrán, Workshoptermine, sowie diverse Sound- und Videobeispiele. 

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Unser Online Shop

Wir sind ein kleines Familienunternehmen, welches von Rolf und Karola Wagels geführt wird. Wir bieten eine individuelle Beratung, die auf einer 30jährigen Erfahrung im professionellem Bodhránspiel und Unterricht aufbaut. Hier sind Sie richtig, wenn Sie eine Bodhrán kaufen wollen!

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Im Showroom sind in der Regel alle Artikel aus dem Onlineshop vorrätig. Er befindet in der Nähe von Hannover, bitte unbedingt vorher einen Termin vereinbaren!

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Die Bodhrán

Wir bieten umfangreiche Informationen über die Bodhrán, wie einen Ratgeber zum Kauf einer Bodhrán, Infos zur Geschichte, zur Konstruktion und zu Tippern.

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Hedwitschak Drums

Bodhran-info ist Hedwitschak Drums Premiumpartner. Die Hedwitschak Drums Premium Partner sind eng in die Entwicklungsprozesse im Hause Hedwitschak eingebunden. Sie unterstützen die Entwicklung neuer Trommel - und Tippermodelle und die Weiterentwicklung vorhandener Produkte durch ihre reichhaltige Erfahrung im Bodhránbereich und durch ihre innovative Herangehensweise. Die Hedwitschak Premium Partner sind Rolf Wagels und Stephan Moises.

Hier unsere Kundenbewertungen bei Shopvote, einem unabhägigen Bewertungsportal:

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gregory Belland

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
22. Juni 2024
I have had nothing but the best service. My questions were answered and a timely manner and the product was undeniably one of the best things I've ever bought. I give this the highest recommendation.

Victoria Morgan

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
16. Juni 2024
These folks have the best tippers in the world!!

Leif Baumgarten

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
01. Juni 2024
Um 14 Uhr eine Bestellung abgegeben, am selben Tag noch in der Post, am nächsten Tag bei mir! Abgesehen von der wahnsinnig schnellen Lieferung sind die Produkte top und spielen sich ausgezeichnet.

Stephen Byers

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
20. April 2024
Dr. Wagels was ultimately helpful in answering my questions about bodhrans. I put him through a rather chaotic process of assembling an order for me, which he did with aplomb. The order was correct and arrived safely packed. I would encourage anyone interested in bodhrans and the joys of playing them to contact Dr. Wagels and discuss your needs with him. You will not be disappointed and may even decide to buy what amounts to the very best products available today. Highly recommended without reservations.

Matthew Bradford

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
05. April 2024
Bought a HEDstrap for gigs. Well made, well designed product. Service was prompt and accurate.

David Biron

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
19. Februar 2024
Rolf (aka Dr Wagels ) is a professional Bodhran player and has an in depth knowledge of all products on the website. He was very patient , understanding and helpful in guiding me toward my final selections. I can not wait to learn how to play these beautiful instruments. Thank You Rolf ! A special thank you also to the "Master Craftsman" Christian Hedwitschak for investing his time, talent and creative energy in developing these musical instruments. Thank You all

Jim Thompson

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
06. März 2024
Great service! Love these tippers!

Doris Fuertes

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
06. März 2024
Most importantly: it’s a beautiful instrument, admired by everyone who sees it. Service was very prompt, friendly. Rolf contacted me about an error in my order (wrong bag size for bodhrán ordered). Instrument arrived well wrapped in 6 days here on the US East Coast.

nils bücker

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
01. März 2024
Hat alles super funktioniert und die Qualität ist top! Danke gerne wieder!

Alannah Reid

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
16. Februar 2024
Amazing quality and super friendly customer service!! : )

steve robertson

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
27. Dezember 2023
Everything I've purchased from Dr. Wagels has been of the finest quality. My RWE is truly exceptional in design, craftsmanship, and performance. The Lambeg skin is so responsive and provides incredible tone.I recommend this business unconditionally.

Cathie Proffitt

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
29. November 2023
Wow! What a great company. I ordered two Bodhrans and two bags. They arrived yesterday, well packaged. The drums are absolutely beautiful and the bags a well constructed. Rolf’s assistance was so valuable. He was attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. Even half a world away, I never had to wait long for a reply to my questions. I highly recommend this company!

Gary Gaughan-Smith

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
11. November 2023
Great Business, great service. Have bought from Rolf several times and never had an issue. Always prompt deliveries and good prices.

Stuart Bates

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
10. November 2023
Ordered a Coreline Universal for delivery to Ireland and the drum arrived in perfect condition. Rolf was exceptionally helpful with my questions and concerns about the size of the instrument (since I couldn't travel to Germany to try one out) and I would definitely recommend his online shop to anyone considering a Hedwitschak drum or any other Bodhran accessories.


sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
03. November 2023
My Bodhran case arrived very promptly, safe and sound. Fits like a glove. Great quality and features. I was kept well informed of shipping details. A painless operation all in all. I'll certainly visit Rolf's shop again.

Lorenzo Beverati

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
04. August 2023
I liked very much this online shop and I ordered a customized drum. It arrived fast and safe and the drum sounded great

Sven Christ

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
15. April 2023
Sehr übersichtlicher und leicht zu bedienender Shop. Viele Hörbeispiele welche die Entscheidung vereinfachen. Die verkaufte Ware ist von aller höchster Qualität. Der Hersteller lebt seine Produckte.

Antonín Janák

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
08. April 2023
Over the past 15 years, I've had the pleasure of purchasing three bodhráns and a lot of accessories in Rolf's exceptional shop. His consistent availability for guidance, genuine friendliness, and honesty make every transaction an absolute delight. I couldn't be happier with my experiences doing business with him.

Patrick Yates

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
25. Februar 2023
I’ve been all over the web looking for a Bodhran. The website for the Coraline series is fantastic, filled with helpful information. Inquiries about the drum were answered very quickly. In my search I also found various outside sources confirm that these drums, the maker, and the sales reps are musicians themselves and all top quality. Hope your experience is as good as mine.

william sulley

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
17. Februar 2023
Ordering was simple. Several choices and easy to use form. The Bodhran is absolutely beautiful. Quality all the way. The sound right out of the box is great. Once broken in it will be even better.

Anton Sluijtman

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
22. Januar 2023
I ordered multiple products, like a bodhran (I have two Hedwitschak bodhrans), the Hed Strap, and the Support HED. Both allowing for different playing techniques, and of course to play while standing or walking. The Hetwitschak bodhrans play better than any other I know. And the tuning mechanism is the best ever. Communication with Rolf went smooth and swift when needed. In short: I shall surely return!

Bill Baethke

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
19. Januar 2023
I have purchased 2 drums from Rolf. Wonderful customer service, great inventory, and fast shipping. My RWE is an extraordinary drum. I highly recommend bodhran-info.

Niall McClean

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
17. Januar 2023
Products are of very high quality. I now have 5 tippers from Rolf. All keep their shape very well. Will be buying more in the future. Niall, Music & Piano Centre, Ireland

Ryan Bee

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
13. Januar 2023
my dowel rod tipper is absolutely perfect. i don't think you can make it any better. and great communication from the seller

Bruno Esattore

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
07. November 2022
Wonderful experience. I love my new bodhran, result of few emails exchanged with Rolf (who has guided me in the process of choosing the best skin, size and rim for my taste) and Christian's unpaired skills. Super recommended!

Pat Nye

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
09. Oktober 2022
Thanks for a fun shopping experience. My sister, Janet Olson, wrote a 5 * review 2 weeks ago and told me all about her experience. I learned a lot from your videos and got just what I wanted. Can't wait to start drumming. Thank you again!

Carolyne Deer

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
21. September 2022
Absolutely amazing customer service from Christian and superb product quality - highly recommend this website - you won't be disappointed if you purchase !!!!!!! 10/10

Janet Olson

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
19. September 2022
Great website! Easy to use and very informative! Can hardly wait till my new Coreline Universal arrives!

Nicholas Austin Dwyer

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
19. September 2022
Trustworthy store with great and prompt customer service!

Vincent Joris

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
15. September 2022
Very detailed product information, from a very helpful and knowledgeable vendor (and highly skilled bodhranist). The delivery I received was faster than announced, and sturdily packed.

David Clarence

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
10. August 2022
Excellent service and a beautiful instrument. Thanks Rolf and Christian!

Danny Jones

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
02. August 2022
If you order anything from bodhran-info, Dr. Rolf Wagels will personally ensure you get what you need. I have purchased bodhrans and tippers from him, and he has turned me into a lifetime customer.

John Miskelly

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
21. Juli 2022
I bought a bodhran from Rolf and both the choice of products and the service provided were absolutely top rate. The goods were sent immediately and actually arrived with me earlier than expected. I will be buying from him again in the future. Highly recommended.

Stevie Moises

sm5star-bf7b0512 ::bodhran-info:: – Über bodhrán-info
19. Juli 2022
Sehr schöne, übersichtliche Seite mit perfekter Betreuung und einwandfreier Bestellabwicklung! Besser geht nicht!

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