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Bodhráns & Frame Drums

In our shop we sell only bodhráns and frame drums by Christian Hedwitschak, based on our deepest conviction. Christian has a holistic philosophy for all his products, which we share completely. This also includes a resource-friendly  production.

This involves:

  • Outstanding workmanship quality ensures durability and thus sustainability.
  • No drum heads from countries where wages, means of production, hygiene, working conditions, and environmental issues might be a problem. That is guaranteed!

  • The goats for our drum head skins all come from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Our suppliers for lambeg skins get the skins from Ireland, Greece, and Italy. 

  • The common beech for our frames is also taken from local forests. 

  • All of our suppliers for glue, screws, surface treatment, and small parts are from Germany and get their goods mostly from within Europe.

  • The black tape which is used to harmonize overtones is also made in Germany.

  • Plastic is only used where it makes sense from a technical and economic point of view.

  • Varnish is only used in special rooms with appropriate filters and extraction systems, and varnishes are disposed of in compliance with the high environmental standards in Germany.

  • Complete utilization is the goal, e.g. what is left over after cutting the wood will be used for crossbars, tippers, and drum stands. The rest is used as fuel.

  • There are vegan options.

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Hedwitschak Drums

Bodhran-info is a Hedwitschak Drums Premium Partner. The Hedwitschak Drums Premium Partners are closely integrated in all development processes at Hedwitschak drums. They support the development of new drum and tipper models, and the further development of existing products through their vast experience and their innovative approach. The Hedwitschak Premium Partners are Rolf Wagels and Stephan Moises.

Please note

There is not the one Hedwitschak bodhrán.
You will find many different models, some with extremely different sound and design characteristics made for different needs and desires.
What all drums have in common is the philosophy outlined above and the outstanding quality of workmanship.

Overview and links to the different models

Basically, we distinguish between the mid-range series CoreLine and the high-end series ExpressConfigurHEDor, Signature Lines and Special Editions.

  • CoreLine

    mid range

    The term “mid-range” does not do the CoreLine models justice. As the name CoreLine suggests, these models are high-quality instruments focusing on what is essential, on the core of the matter.

    The CoreLine models are not bound to a certain sound, they are not designed for a specific playing style, and they do not focus on a specific look. That is why the CoreLine is a great choice for beginners and players who are looking for an outstanding drum at the best possible price.

    Especially beginners may find it difficult to grasp the differences between individual skins (for example Lambeg skin, DRAGONSkin or deer skin) and the various drum models' designs. A CoreLine model is an all-purpose tool and the ideal companion to help you develop your own playing style and to help you find out which sound is for you. It will be fairly easy to resell a CoreLine model if you want to switch to a different drum model.

    The good availability (some models are kept in stock) and short delivery times are another strong reason for choosing a CoreLine model.

  • ExpressConfigurHEDor

    High-End Line

    The Express ConfigurHEDor combines the advantages of a standard model with the possibilities of a custom-made instrument: a wide range of features to choose from, reasonable prices, and short delivery times. Design your own dream bodhrán from different drumheads, tuning rims, frame designs, and decorative ribbons.

  • Signature Lines

    High-End Line

    In many years of cooperation with experienced and world-famous bodhrán players, Christian Hedwitschak has designed four Signature Bodhrán models. Just like the players they are named after, the individual models have very unique and specific playing styles and sound ideals.

    Signature Lines offer you the following advantages:

    1. A defined sound characterized by the respective player's sound
    2. Price: Special features are included.
    3. Reliability: These models have been on the market for many years, they were continuously optimized, and are tested in daily, professional use.
    4. Delivery time: Usually these drums are in stock or have a short delivery time.
  • Special Editions

    High-End Line

    Here you will find exciting special models with special features.

    These include the traditionally oriented TrHED series as well as the ultra-modern HEDge bodhrán, which is compatible with standard drumheads, or the StartHED children's bodhrán. The bass bodhrán developed with Donal Lunny can also be found in this category.

RWE bodhran front
Rolf Wagels Signature Series
CBss bodhran Vorderseite
Cormac Byrne Signature Series
EMsig Bodhran front
Eamon Murray Signature Series
MONss bodhran front
Martin O'Neill Signature Series
HEDge bodhran front
synthetic drum heads
TrHED bodhran Vorderseite
Traditional design
Dordrán bodhrán front
Donal Lunny bass bodhrán
Starter package CoreLine
Save in a package
MCTFD frame drum front
Murat Coskun drums