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Tippers of all kinds

In our shop, we sell only tippers made by Stevie Moises, based on our deepest conviction.

As one of the founding members of the world-renowned drum manufacturer TROYAN DRUMS, he was able to acquire extensive expertise in the construction of drums and percussion instruments.

Long and extensive tests, trial runs and the cooperation with professional musicians and craftsmen are basic principles of his work.

The constant further development of tippers and the fulfilment of my customers' wishes are very close to his heart.

At the same time, he pays close attention to the environmental compatibility and sustainability of his products.

Logo Moises
Stevie Moises at his lathe

Overview and links to the different models

Basically, we can divide our tippers by type and by series. In addition, there are the signature tippers, which are designed and produced according to the wishes and specifications of experienced and world-famous bodhrán players.

  • by type

    Solid Tippers, Hotrods and Effect Tippers

    Roughly speaking, tippers can be divided into these three classes.

    Solid wood tippers come in different woods and with differently shaped heads and handles.

    Hotrods consist of several sticks that hit the skin. The thickness of the sticks, the quantity, the arrangement and the material determine the sound. We distinguish between Classic Hotrods, which consist only of rods made of different woods, and Hybrid Hotrods, which consist of a wooden handle and rods made of different woods.

    Effect tippers play a big role nowadays when it comes to eliciting even more different sounds from the bodhrán than the drum already has. Split tippers, some with a core, as well as brushes and felt tippers are used.

  • by series:

    MoGrip, HEDrods, BELLrods und HED Tippers

    All the types listed above can be found in these series.

    Series tippers are specially designed tippers that combine different types. All tippers in a series have similar characteristics, be it the grip shape or other design features.

  • Signature Tipper:

    RWE-Grip, Bodhrods, EMo und MONster

    Together with experienced and world-famous bodhrán players, Stevie Moises has developed several signature tipper series in many years of cooperation.

    Just like their namesakes, these differ in their very special playing styles and sound ideals. They include the RWE-Grip tipper developed with Rolf Wagels, the Bodhrods developed by Cormac Byrne, the EMo, which is a MoGrip tipper built for Eamon Murray and the MONster tipper series for Martin O'Neill.

Digging deeper

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