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Useful additions

Accessories of all kind

Here you will find exciting accessories for the bodhrán! The entire range of accessories was developed, designed and brought to product maturity by us together with Christian Hedwitschak and Stevie Moises. This is the only way to create high-quality accessories that perfectly complement your bodhrán.

  • An additional crossbar? No problem with the SupportHED!
  • New sound effects? That's why we have the Snare CarpHED!
  • Play standing up? Perfect with the HEDstrap!
  • More options for practising? The MOpHED is the ideal companion!
  • The drum rolls away? The bodhrán stand helps!
  • The morning coffee doesn't taste of anything? The jubilee cup is the remedy! :-)

€ 59,00

Netto: € 49,58
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping

  • The crossbar with Know-How!
  • can also be retrofitted by the player
  • can be dismantled without tools
  • light! (approx. 100 gr.)
  • made of solid maple wood
  • distance adjustable without tools
  • Produced in Germany
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€ 32,00

Netto: € 26,89
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping

  • effect gadget for the skin hand
  • reproduce snare drum sound easily
  • adjusts individually
  • pitch modulation still possible
  • Rubber covered wire ends for skin protection
  • Produced in Germany
available, delivery time 2-4 days*

€ 45,00

Netto: € 37,82
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping

  • Bodhrán Strap System
  • play standing up and walking
  • Easy mounting
  • works with all drums between 33-45 cm
  • damage free
  • made in Germany
available, delivery time 2-4 days*

€ 47,00

Netto: € 39,50
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping

  • practice pad for your tipper hand
  • realistic playing feel
  • quiet sound
  • effortless to hold
  • diameter: 17,5 cm
  • produced in Germany by Stevie Moises
available, delivery time 2-4 days*

€ 15,00

Netto: € 12,61
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping

  • 20 years of Hedwitschak drums
  • long awaited jubilee cup
  • especially made to mark the 20th anniversary
  • cool design with dark surface inside
available, delivery time 2-4 days*
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