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Date available: 04.10.2024

€ 625,00 (Netto: € 525,21)

Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping

Sometimes we have to look to the past in order to move forward.

Cormac Byrne:

"For me this was the concept behind the collaboration. I met Christian several years ago when I was first invited to teach at the Craiceann Bodhrán Summer School and was instantly struck by his unique skill as a Bodhrán maker, his precision, attention to detail, and dedication to his craft. I set about trying various different models of his bodhráns and although there was so much to offer, it was clear that the direction of Bodhrán making had gone somewhere that I could no longer identify with and the sound of the more ‘modern’ drums - smaller diameters, taped heads - was not right for me. I have always favoured the traditional style of Bodhrán - 18” diameter, 5” depth and untaped.

So after several conversations, we set about creating something truly new…a traditional style bodhrán equipped with all the modern advances, concepts and innovation of a modern drum … and the Cormac Byrne Signature Series was born!"

  • Signature series bodhrán
  • 45cm diameter (ap.18“)
  • 13cm deep (ap. 5,1“)
  • Edlauer Premium goat skin, medium thick
  • spine at Cormac´s preferred position
  • Tool-less 10-point tuning system
  • special developed bearing edge profile
  • Exclusive veneer finish with natural oil and wax
Natural skin! Colouring may differ from the pictures shown above!
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