The RWE gets the ChangeHed system
The new ChangeHed skin skin holding system offers spectacular new options and possibilities as drum heads and tuning rims now can be changed and variably combined.The compressor frame tuning system provides an unbelievable sound quality. What we didn't change is the classic design and the Lambeg skin! Also, the 40cm model is still available! Both models are in stock for immediate shipping!
All Info incl. video here!

New items in the Shop!
MoGrip Hotrods and Bodhrán Primer!
Stevie Moises produces exclusively for bodhran-info two signature models of the JazzMo and the RockMo series: The grip is made of yew tree, which makes the hotrod a bit lighterand to make it fit to the RWE, it has a red rubber band! Details here. Also, a brilliant new book, which addresses the reader on many levels: The Bodhran Primer by Andy Kruspe. Highly recommended!

Welcome to Bodhrán-info

profil It's good to see that you found the way to my website.I've played the bodhran since 1993, and this drum has become a big part of my life since then. I have met many interesting people at workshops and gigs with various bands.

On this page you will find information about me, my bands, the bodhrán, dates of gigs and workshops, and sound, pics and videos. I also have a shop where you can buy drums and accessories. Please use the menu on top or on the left of the page for navigation and watch out for the latest news in the boxes around this text. If you want to be kept informed, you might want to subscribe to the newsletter.

Now enjoy the site, thanks for having a look!
Rolf Wagels

CD 'Bodhrán Insight'
"the best frame drum recording I have heard in many years!"
'Bodhrán Insight' comprises of 18 tracks on which the bodhrán is the main feature. The comprehensive booklet includes explanations as to what we are playing for each of these sets, sharing with the listener an insight into our methods and techniques. All info and sound samples can be found here.
CD 'Whistle Man'
Together with my ex-bandmate Claus Steinort I had the pleasure to be part of the CD project "Whistle Man" by Tin Whistle player and guitarist Olaf Sickman. Tradconnect writes: "There is a rich quality to Olaf’s music with new compositions that really deserve a little bit more airplay. He has in his corner the outstanding talents of Rolf Wagels, bringing some marvelously crisp and clear accompaniment to 15 self-penned tracks." All info and sound can be found here.
Credit Card
New method of payment
Good news: Due to popular demant we now have credit cards as a new method of payment! You can still use advance payment and PayPal, but many customers asked for a credit card option and here it is!